DEC Philippines Typhoon Appeal logo

Logo of DEC Philippines Typhoon Appeal

DEC Philippines Typhoon Appeal is an appeal launched by the Disasters Emergency Commitee of the United Kingdom representing 14 UK aid agencies to raise much needed funds to help those affected by the most strongest storms in the world in 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan. The super typhoon has devastated parts of the Philippines leaving up to 10,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands without shelter. Presented by Kristy Young and is aired on different BBC TV networks and radio stations. 

UK broadcast:Edit

UK Region TV Network/s Radio Station/s
England flag



BBC Three

BBC Four 

BBC Radio 4
Scotland Flag

BBC One Scotland

BBC Two Scotland

BBC Alba

BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal
Northern Ireland flag
Northern Ireland

BBC One Northern Ireland

BBC Two Northern Ireland

BBC Radio Ulster
Flag of Wales 2.svg

BBC One Wales

BBC Two Wales

BBC Cymru

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