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, an Australian children's television program, was first shown on the Nine Network in 1999 and is based on the children's music group Hi-5. Hi-5 is a children's pop music group much like peer children's entertainers The Wiggles. Hi-5 has been shown in approximately 80 countries.

International versionsEdit

Country/Region Local Title Network Members Original air date
Argentina Hi-5 Fiesta Telefe (free-to-air)
Discovery Kids (pay-to-air)
Javier Ramírez
Stefania Roitman
Milena Martines
Carolina Ayala
Adán Allende
Rodrigo Llamas
March 9, 2015 - present
Australia (original version) Hi-5 Nine Network Current:
Kathleen de Leon Jones
Tim Harding
Charli Robinson
Kellie Crawford
Nathan Foley

Sun Park
Casey Burgess
Lauren Brant
Tim Maddren
Fely Irvine

April 12, 1999 – December 16, 2011
Hi-5 House Nick Jr. (pay-to-air)
Eleven (free-to-air)
Stevie Nicholson
Lauren Brant
Dayen Zheng
Mary Lascaris
Ainsley Melham
Tanika Anderson
Lachie Dearing
November 4, 2013 – present
Philippines Hi-5 Philippines TV5 Current:
Aira Biñas
Fred Lo
Gerard Pagunsan
Alex Reyes
Rissey Reyes
June 15, 2015 – present
United Kingdom Hi-5 UK Cartoonito Current:
Jenny Jones
Chris Edgerley
Cat Sandion
Luke Roberts
Emma Nowell
Rikki Sanders
George Clarkson
Lulu Harding-Black
Clive Griffiths
Matilda Holly
Late 2015 - present
United States Hi-5 USA

Discovery Kids

Kimee Balmilero
Jennifer Korbee
Curtis Cregan
Yasmeen Sulieman
Sydney James

Shaun Taylor-Corbett
Karla Cheatham-Mosley

February 24, 2003 - September 23, 2007

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