The following are rules, regulations and policies stated in the International Broadcasts Wiki. Every user is expected to follow all of this while editing to the wiki. All new users are recommended to review the rules as soon as possible. 

General Rules:Edit

  • Good Faith editing:
    1. All new/existing users are advised to avoid outright reverting edits that seem to be good faith edits. 
    2. If a user reverted a good edit, he/she should explain why. Either in the ediit summary or in other user's message wall. 
  • User respect: 
    1. Please avoid trolling or harassing other users. 
    2. Treat new contributors of the wiki with respect, even if the contributor made a bad edit. If this happens, politely explain to the user what is wrong with his/her edit. 
  • Users:
    1. As stated in theWikia Terms of Use, all users must be 13 years old and above to have an account.
    2. Having multiple accounts is seriously offensive. If one user is caught doing this, he/she will be blocked indefinitely. 
  • Spams:
    1. Never post any forms of spam in any way. Spams are really annoying and literally, it is a violation in the Wikia Terms of Use. 
    2. If spam is discovered, it will be deleted and the user who posted it, will be blocked. 
  • Cursing:
    1. Mild cursing is only allowed. Chat 
    2. Profane language is prohibited in an abusive matter. 
  • Strong Parental Guidance:
    1. Racial, sexual or homophobic slurs are prohibited, also to use of such words which can result to blocking
    2. This also goes to explicit sexual/pornographic talk and to music videos with explicit themes. 
    3. If a user wants to post a song with explicit themes/lyrics. Do not post the music video of it. Post the lyric video of it instead. 
    4. As soon as possible, make sure the media you add doesn't have the following restrictions.
    • Themes:  explicit themes
    • Language:  bad language, too much rude language
    • Violence:  physical violence , and other media which shows blood and death.
    • Sex:  too much sexual intercourse, and other sensitive scenes which show sex.
    • Horror:  scenes which can cause fear and phobia.
    • Drugs:  pictures of prohibited brugs, its ok to put drugs as long it is legal.


  • Page structure:
  1. Add first the logo/promotional poster of the programme and place some important information about it. 
  2. Add the international broadcasting of the programme at the last section of the page. 
  3. If you want to add some other information in other sections, you are free to do it. As long it is the real info. 
  4. If the show you created is a TV series, there is a category for those and if the show is a special event like a beauty pageant, there is also a free category for those. 

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