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This page is about userboxes and collections of them, these userboxes are small colored boxes that appear on a International Broadcasts Wiki user page as a communicative notice and some information about the user or to show the thing he/she likes. Everyone is welcome to make their own and add theirs here. For inquiries and help, leave a request/message.

Steps in creating a userbox:Edit

  1. Look over the usage section and example section of Template:Userbox.
  2. Create a template with the name of the userbox. Some userbox names are generally short. 
  3. Start creating a userbox. Copy the code from Template:Userbox and paste it with the new userbox you're making.

Organizing Userboxes:Edit

To add a pre-made user box to your user page, enter the code {{user<space>(name of box)}}. In case you find your userboxes are all over your user page, feel free to make use of the Template:Userboxes and its partner, Template:Userboxesend. The following templates will sort everything between them into a table, making all of your entered userboxes nice and clean. 



Userbox Characteristics Code
250px-Google Chrome logo 2011.svg This user uses [[Google Chrome]] to contribute.
The user uses Google Chrome to contribute.
{{user Chrome}}
200px-MozillaFirefox This user uses [[Mozilla Firefox]] to contribute.
The user uses Mozilla Firefox to contribute.
{{user Firefox}}
250px-IE10 icon This user uses [[Internet Explorer]] to contribute.
The user uses Internet Explorer to contribute.
{{user Explorer}}
Opera-icon-high-res This user uses [[Opera Browser]] to contribute.
The uses uses Opera Browser to contribute.
{{user Opera}}
IOS Safari This user uses [[Safari]] to contribute.
The user uses Safari to contribute
{{user Safari}}


Userbox Characteristics Code
Android This user is an [[Android]] user
The user is an Android user.
{{user Android}}
Apple This user is an [[Apple]] user
The user is an Apple user.
{{user Apple}}
Windows This user is a [[Windows]] user
The user is a Windows user.
{{user Windows}}
Samsung This user is a [[Samsung]] user
The user is a Samsung user
{{user Samsung}}

Wiki Staff:Edit

Userbox Characteristics Code
Wikia icon This user is an IBWiki [[administrator]].
IBWIki Administrator
{{user admin}}
Wikia icon This user is a member of the IBWiki [[Committee Group]].
Member of the IBWiki Committee Group
{{user Committee}}
Wikia icon This user is a member of the IBWiki [[Grammar Group]].
Member of the IBWiki Grammar Group
{{user Grammar}}
Wikia icon This user is an IBWIki [[Article Improver]].
IBWiki Article Improver
{{user article improver}}
Wikia icon This user is an IBWiki [[Update User]].
IBWiki Update User
{{user Update}}
Wikia icon This user is part of the IBWiki Image Unit.
Member of the IBWiki Image Unit
{{user image}}
Wikia icon This user is the [[Founder]] of the International Broadcasts Wiki.
Founder of IBWiki
{{user founder}}
Wikia icon The following user is a [[bot]].
{{user bot}}

Social Media:Edit

Userbox Characteristics Code
Facebook Add Friend/ Like this user on Facebook.
Add friend/Like the user on Facebook
{{user Facebook}}
Twitter Follow this user on Twitter.
Follow the user on Twitter
{{user Twitter}}
Instagram Follow this user on Instagram.
Follow the user on Instagram
{{user Instagram}}
Pinterest Pin this user on Pinterest.
Pin the user on Pinterest
{{user Pinterest}}
YouTube Subscribe to this user's YouTube channel.
Subscribe to the user's channel on YouTube. 
{{user YouTube}}

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