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Miss World 2010, the 60th anniversary of the Miss World pageant was held on October 30, 2010, in Sanya, People's Republic of China; after Vietnam backed out of the hosting contract. Kaiane Aldorino of Gibraltar crowned her successor Alexandria Mills of the United States as Miss World 2010.

International Broadcasters:Edit

Country Channel Country Channel
Angola TPA Lithuania LRT
Armenia Armenia 1 Luxembourg NonStop Television
Aruba ATV Macau CCTV
Australia SBS Macedonia Kanal 5
Bahamas ZNS-TV Mauritius MBC
Bangladesh ATN Bangla Mexico Televisa
Barbados CBC Mongolia UBS
Belarus Beltelradio Mozambique STV
Belgium NonStop Television Netherlands NonStop Television
Bolivia Unitel New Zealand TVNZ
Bosnia and Herzegovina BHRT Nigeria Silverbird Group
Botswana Botswana Television Northern Ireland Active Channel
China CCTV Norway NonStop Television
Chinese Taipei CTS Panama Medcom
Colombia Canal Uno Paraguay Telefuturo
Costa Rica Teletica Peru Frecuencia Latina
Denmark NonStop Television Philippines TV5
Egypt Dalycartoon Poland Polsat
El Salvador TCS Portugal RTP2
England Active Channel Puerto Rico WIPR-TV
Estonia NonStop Television Russia CTC
Finland NonStop Television Scotland Active Channel
France Paris Premiere Seychelles SBC
Georgia Telemedia Slovenia RTV
Ghana Viasat 1 Spain Antena 3
Gibraltar GBC St. Kitts and Nevis ZIZ-TV 2
Guatemala Radio Television Guatemala St. Lucia VQH-TV
Hong Kong Phoenix Television St. Vincent & Grenadines ZBG-TV
Hungary RTL Klub Suriname ATV
Iceland SkjarEinn Swaziland Swazi TV
India Zee TV Sweden NonStop Television
Indonesia RCTI Thailand Channel 3
Ireland Active Channel Trinidad & Tobago C Television
Israel Channel 10 Uganda UBS
Italy High Life TV Ukraine Inter
Jamaica TVJ United States E!
Kazakhstan KTK Venezuela Venevision
Kenya Royal Media Services Vietnam HTV
Korea, South T-Cast/ Fashion N Wales Active Channel
Latvia NonStop Television Zambia ZNBC
Lebanon LBC Zimbabwe ZBC

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