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Superbook,  is an anime television series initially produced by Tatsunoko Productions in Japan in conjunction with the Christian Broadcasting Network in the United States and more recently solely produced by CBN for global distribution and broadcast.

The series chronicled the events of the Bible's Old and New Testaments in its 52 episode run. The first 26 episodes aired from October 1, 1981 to March 29, 1982. The series returned as with 26 episodes to air from April 4, 1983 to September 26, 1983. Between both series in the first run was the companion series The Flying House. The Christian Broadcasting Network is currently producing a new Superbook series and has released fourteen episodes.

The original series was broadcast on TV Tokyo, Fuji Television, and on various local stations across Japan, achieving good ratings during its broadcast run. The English version was aired on CBN Cable (now ABC Family), and in syndication. It was previously seen on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, but is currently off the schedule.

International BroadcastEdit

Country Channel
United States


ABC Family



TV Tokyo

Fuji Television


GMA Network


Finland TV7
United Kingdom Gospel Channel
Chile UCV Television
Italy Rete 4




Indonesia MNCTV
Poland Telewizja Trwam
Arab World METV

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